Cleocatra’s Pawfect Pictures

Look at my cat. My cat is amazing.

Do you feel like something is missing from your life? Something fluffy, specifically? Meet Cleocatra Toebane, Shadow Queen of Monterrey, First and Probably Last of Her Name. We’ve got dozens (dozens!) of premium photos of Cleocatra to cheer you up in even the darkest of times. She’s mine, and you can’t have her, but you can enjoy the fluffiness from a distance for the low, low price of free*.

She’s so Fluffy!

Just look at that widdle face! Look at it! She’s so adorable, but also kind of elegant, and regal, and she’s so sweet, but so shy. Actually getting to see her is something of a treat, and only reserved for people who take their time getting to know her, or give her tuna.

You Might See Her Brother, Too!

Baihu is my wife’s cat. He’s big, fat, orange, and cuddly, even if he’ll never admit to that last one. In fact, he’ll walk by, pretending to ignore you, but if you ignore him, he’ll come over and whine. If you grab and cuddle him, he’ll protest, but also purr as loud as a machine gun.

You’ll Never Get Scratched!

When looking at Cleocatra online, you’ll never have to worry about having long, deep scratches in your arm. She doesn’t mean to hurt anybody, but she scares easily, and doesn’t know how to put away her claws, even when playing. And God forbid the vets ever come over.

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* Disclaimer

This offer, and indeed this site, is in no way real. The cat is real, and that’s really her name, but I won’t be sending out any pictures for free. I don’t have that kind of time. This page was created to test the capabilities of SimpleSite, and you can read all about my experiments with site builders like it at Website Planet.